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    Methodology Choice

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    I need to argue why I think a particular methodology most effectively answers the research question in the attached article, and then articulate the particular effectiveness of three component parts of that methodology (for example, sampling procedures, research design, measures and covariates, etc.). Can someone please assist me?

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    I would use a correlational design. Given that the researchers want to determine quality of relationships, this would be best measured in numbers instead of themes. This is why I choose a quantitative methodology. I choose correlational because it measures the relationship between two variables. In addition, the researchers are not interested in the cause of the quality of relationships. Surveys are also the best way of measuring this, and that is what the researchers use. This is a standard for correlational studies. The answers have numerical equivalents but allow for participants to choose from a ...

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    This solution provides an examination of a journal article and deciding which research methodology is best fitted to answer the research question.