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Methodology & philosophy

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How would you describe and justify the choice of methodology in light of the hypothetical research philosophy and how does this align with the foundational philosophy that supports the methodology? This is all hypothetical but provide an explanation from a personal perspective the personal philosophy and foundational philosophy are derived from bases on:

Ontological assumptions.
Epistemological assumptions.
Axiological assumptions.
Methodological assumptions.

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Dear Student,

What this assignment is asking of you is to reflect on the hermeneutics of our proposed study, a philosophical reflection of your case. The key here is content not length as you must show that you understand the philosophical assumptions of your proposed research. I have tried to exemplify that for you.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Reflection on Methodology

The choice of a home panel study, though borrowed from another applied research as a methodology is very much applicable and relevant in this case. As an applied research, this is a very specific study, and the point of the panel survey is to gather relevant data continuously, annually on specific issues that blight families who in turn are representative of a particular community and social sub group of the bigger American society. Panel surveys gather data - a mix of both quantitative and qualitative to measure and describe as much of the phenomenon or subject of study as possible. In a way, it is a mixed approach where the purpose is to gather data over time representative of a community, and of a year to trace the status quo of parental support and involvement in the education of children in a particular low income community. Of interest over the years, should the study be established successfully, would be to study ...

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