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Analysis of Learning Theories

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1. Explain how the cognitive theory describes the process of learning.

2. Explain the relationship between the cognitive theory and a teacher's teaching philosophy.

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Basically, the cognitive theory of development indicates the thought process of an individual work. For example, infants cannot conduct creative and logical reasoning, while adolescents can. This relates directly to the process of learning as it ...

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Article/Research Analysis

Define and identify the designs in each article.

Summarize the rationale of the design for each article. If no rationale exists, use your best guess as to why the author or authors implemented the design.

Discuss how the author(s) collected data.

Briefly state how each of the articles displayed the results; you should also make sure to identify the qualitative techniques of analysis.

Lastly, write an initial critique about each article. Make sure to critique the core concepts of research outlined below as found (or in some cases not found) in the articles:

Research questions
Measurement and instrumentation (if applicable)
Validity processes
Sampling procedures
Ethical considerations

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