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    Research Thinking

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    Analyze the relationship amid one's own research thinking and quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The analysis must contain these elements: Identify the important concepts, propositions, precepts, etc., of your own research philosophy, that includes any rationale for your choice. Analyze the relationship between your research philosophy and the chosen research methodology for your Doctoral Study. Examine how the choice of methodology can influence a Doctoral Study(DBA), as well as influence future research outcomes and decisions. Use at least two scholarly sources. APA style.

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    My own research thinking is that research should be based on empirical data and scientific methods. The concept is that my subject of research has regularities and my research must be able to identify these regularities, and I can infer knowledge about the real world by observing it. The proposition of my research philosophy is that only those results should be recognized that which can be scientifically ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of my research thinking and my choice of qualitative or quantitative research . It also gives you the relevant references.