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    Design your own correlational study. That is, think of two variables you'd like to see if a relationship exists between. What are your variables and how would you go about testing your hypothesis?

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    First off, it is important to understand what a correlational study is. A correlation is a relationship between two variables. A correlation can be strong or weak along with being positive or negative. Sometimes there may be no correlation at all between the variables.
    Things that are important to note about variables are:
    -the variables themselves are not under the control of the researchers.
    -correlational research is used to reveal if there is a relationship between variables.
    -correlation does not equal causation, meaning that this kind of research cannot prove that changes to one variable lead to changes to another variable.
    A correlation study has three possible results:
    1.) Positive correlations- both variables increase or decrease at the same time. A correlation coefficient close to +1.00 indicates a strong positive correlation.
    2.) Negative correlations- this indicates that as the amount of one variable increases, the other decreases or vice versa. A correlation coefficient close to -1.00 indicates a strong negative ...

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    The expert explains what correlational study is and methods used to conduct a correlational study.