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    SAT scores and college achievement, Experimental design

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    Please list any and all references or resources that you use.

    2. a. Discuss two main advantages and two main disadvantages of doing correlational research?

    b. Give an example of two variables that you think are negatively correlated with

    each other and explain why you think so.

    3. a. What are three essential characteristics of an experiment?

    b. Why and how is each of these important for the validity of an experiment?

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    2. a. Discuss two main advantages and two main disadvantages of doing co relational research?

    Correlational research is very effective in under scoring the trends in covariance of two more factors having a positive or a negative link between them. but, often times, researchers may get mistaken and take the superficial correlation, as a causal explanation for the two variables being positively or negatively related.

    In case that such data leads to analysis of the research experiment, results and the following discussion can be flawed. To avoid that, it is best that the co relational research designs are used carefully and no causal statement re made, unless ...

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    SAT scores and college achievement; Experimental design