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Interpret P-Value using a One-Tail Test for SAT Scores

A study has been conducted to examine the effectiveness of new experimental program for preparing high school students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Eighty students have been randomly divided into two groups of 40. The eventual SAT scores for those exposed to the new program and the conventional program are listed in data file XR11043. Use a one-tail test and the 0.25 level of significance in concluding whether the experimental program migh be better than the conventional method in preparing students for the SAT. Determine and interpret the p-value for the test.


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The solution provides step-by-step method of performing a two-sample hypothesis test for the mean. All the steps of hypothesis testing (formulation of null and alternate hypotheses, selection of significance level, choosing the appropriate test-statistic, decision rule, calculation of test-statistic and conclusion) have been explained and the statistical analysis has been shown in details. The calculations have been shown in EXCEL for better understanding.