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    Achievement and Aptitude Assessment

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    Read Osborn's 2012 article, "An International Discussion About Cross-Cultural Career Assessment," in International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, volume 12, issue 1, pages 5-16.

    Achievement and aptitude assessments serve distinct, but potentially complimentary purposes. Both are often administered in a group setting. Summarize how these assessments are distinguished in professional practice, including the implications of group administration. Incorporate one scholarly peer-reviewed article from the Capella Library addressing the application of achievement or aptitude assessments in counseling settings.

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    When it comes to achievement vs. aptitude, college admissions is the first thing that comes to mind. Most colleges use aptitude tests for admission purposes. They look at achievement scores as well, but achievement scores do not hold as much weight as aptitude scores. Aptitude tests are the ACT and SAT for college admissions. They measure one's potential for learning. However, there are many flaws with these tests. One flaw is that they can be ...

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    This solution takes a look at achievement vs. aptitude.