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    Racine's "Phédre" and today's society

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    Select a quote from the play "Phédre".
    Reflect / Elaborate on why you selected that quote, meaning behind the choosing of that quote, and how it relates to the play.
    How does the quote relate to life / to today's time? Explain.

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    First of all, when selecting a quote from Phédre, her confession and self-analysis is perfectly summed in this quote: "My own craving fills me with horror." In essence, by acknowledging her carnal "cravings," it seems that Phèdre boldly admits that her obsessions and self-destructive ways are her downfall, fostering her ultimate demise. The notion of desires in this play expedites much of the text's plot and conflicts. For Phedre, in particular, her lust for Hippolytus and her incestuous longings cause not only his exile but also her suicidal tendencies.

    In sum, I selected this quote since it relates to the play's terse tone of shame, guilt, suffering, and rage and seems to embody the essence of Phedre's dilemma and characterization quite ...

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    Racine's "Phédre" and today's society are briefly compared in 500 words of informal notes.