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Civil Law and Civil Procedure in the Public Sector

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You are a student in a masters in criminal justice program. Assume for the sake of this question that upon graduation you will be working i) as a supervisor ii) for a public sector agency/entity iii) related to public safety or social services. This course can fairly be characterized as an introduction to legal concepts related to civil litigation. In the event of real world litigation, the matter would no doubt be turned over to your agency/ entity legal department. Explain how the information learned in this course could be of value to a real world public sector supervisor who is not an attorney.

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The information learned in any pre-law or criminal justice type of class would be very valuable to a person that holds a public sector supervisory position. Supervisors in the public sector deal with a large variety of matters, people, and issues. There are many legal issues that ensue. In this case, we're dealing with an area of public safety or social services. In both instances, there are complex legal issues. With ...

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