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Characteristics of the Modern Bureaucracy

Discuss your view regarding the modern bureaucracy, particularly regarding the size of the bureaucracy, its role in daily public life, and characteristics of the civil service workforce. In particular, discuss whether it should be easier to hire and terminate civil servants based on their performance, and whether high-performing civil servants should receive merit-based compensation similar to their counterparts in the private sector. In addition, speculate about differences between the private sector and the public sector, and discuss which characteristics of the private sector could be imported into the public sector to improve performance and quality.

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Your view about the modern bureaucracy must be that it is necessary for the proper running of the government. The modern bureaucracy works because it operates by rules and this brings about control. The bureaucracy usually serves the executive bodies that formed them efficiently. It has specialized sub-units and this improves accountability, control and helps use expertise. The bureaucracy acts in an impersonal manner and this makes it objective. Its role in daily public life is critical without which public life will become impossible.

The work life in a modern bureaucracy is satisfactory because employment based on technical ...

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Hiring and firing civil servants is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes two references used.