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    Transnational Crime

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    1. How has the United States and other countries tried to combat transnational crime, and with what results?
    2. Why is transnational crime so difficult to eradicate?

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    The pursuit of individual or organized criminals across international lines has become one of the biggest problems for domestic law enforcement. These individuals and criminal organizations have terrorized citizens of countries around the world and have led to the demise of governments, businesses, and individuals financially. More than ever, the importance for international communication between law enforcement agencies is at its highest. Below we'll discuss what constitutes a transnational crime and identify some of the more significant criminal activities of transnational crime groups and why it's so hard to eradicate.

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    This solution of 360 words explains how the US has tried to combat transnational crime with specific examples. It also touches on why it is so hard to eradicate. References used are included.