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    Missile defense systems in Middle East

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    Discuss the impact of missile defense systems deployed in the Arab-Persian Gulf on the rest of the 'wider Middle East'. What are the major Missile Defense issues as they impact Israel, Turkey, and Iran?

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    The main impact of the missile defense systems deployed in the Arab-Persian Gulf is to protect the entire GCC region against potential threat posed by Iran's nuclear program. U.S. is pushing the deployment of common missile defense in the region in order to help the GCC countries to develop a common defense system. The deployment of a common missile defense systems will bring these countries in the wider middle east closer to each other. Moreover, the deployment will position Iran as a major threat or enemy in the region instead of Israel and will create a distance between Iran and these countries.

    This deployment also strengthens the military relationship between members of the GCC ...

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    This solution discusses implications of deployment of missile defense systems in Middle East. References are provided.