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    The Middle East: Geo-Economic Importance

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    How is the Middle East shaped by its various regional geographies (For example, examine the Fertile Crescent in relation to other deserts)? Compare its geo-economic importance in areas such as oil compared to international trade routes. Another route you can take is to compare agriculture with urbanism and industrialization.

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    The presence of large reserves of oil in the Middle East region enhances the strategic importance of this region in the global business world, as all the countries- be it developed or developing, have to depend on this region for meeting their energy needs.

    Furthermore, the strategic location of the region also makes Middle East an important trade zone, not only for serving the Middle East and North Africa Zone, but also for serving Asian countries. Over the last few decades, Middle East countries such as UAE have become an important location for businesses eyeing at opportunities in the nearby regions. Countries like UAE have attracted significant investments as well and have made it one of the ...

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    This response analyzes the relationship between the geographies in the Middle East and its impact on the economy.