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Geopolitical view of the world Obama

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President Obama stressed the importance of relations between Israel and United States. He had also admitted that Israel had total right to defend itself in the wake of an Iranian attack. He had reservations about the time of military action against Iran. He was of the opinion that America is concerned about the growing tensions in the middle east and did not want the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He made this statement in the context of sanctions against North Korea and Iran. Obama wants to keep American hegemony over the world, but he is also aware of the consequences of military intervention. He believes that economic action is more viable and effective than military confrontation

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The joint meeting between President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was an important landmark. President Obama stressed the importance of relations between two countries and promised to support Israel on any eventuality. President Obama admitted that Israel is a sovereign country and it had the right to defend itself against the Iranian ...

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The solution gives a critical view of the geopolitical view of Obama. The view of Obama is important in the light of current U.S. recession and upcoming U.S. presidential election