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Evaluating Media and Identifying Fallacies

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Hi, I need assistance with the following assignment. I am not too sure where to begin.
Assignment: Visit the Top 10 Crazy Political Commentators from following website:
<://www.askmen.com/top_10/celebrity/top-10-crazy-political-commentators_10.html> and select one of the videos to view or listen to. Unless you are hearing-impaired and need the written explanation to do the assignment, focus only on the video.

Take notes on the following:
- What evidence is used to support the claims that are made?
- What fallacies are present? (See attachment for list of fallacies)

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Hopefully this will get you started!

In the clip, "Bill O'Reilly tries to pick a fist fight", Bill O'Reilly is accusing an Obama aide of blocking "the shot" of O'Reilly and his television crew during a public appearance of the then-Senator Obama on the campaign trail in New Hampshire. Bill O'Reilly prefaces the clip by explaining that the aide was in clear "violation of the freedom of the press" so O'Reilly had "no choice, but to uphold the Constitution". In the scene, Bill O'Reilly is belligerent and demanding, swearing at the aide and calling out to Senator Obama.
O'Reilly uses camera footage to support his claim, showing the back of the aide, along with O'Reilly's voice in ...

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This solution views a political commentator and comments on what claims are made, the evidence presented, and if fallacies are present.

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