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    Media Fallacies in Faith & Philosophies

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    What are two distinct fallacies we see commonly perpetuated in the media- for instance, in commercials? What do the individuals presenting these arguments assume about the logical skills of their viewers? Is this a good or bad assumption for them to make?

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    One of the biggest fallacies perpetuated in mass media, especially in commercials, is what we term "bandwagoning." In other words, the idea that because everybody seems to enjoy a particular product, you ought to as well. Or, because a certain celebrity endorses something, you ought to "join the bandwagon" and acquire the product. Often times, this requires little-to-no effort in terms of ...

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    This solution discusses two common fallacies that are commonly perpetuated by the media, namely band-wagoning and fear-mongering, giving an example of situations these tactics are often used. It also discusses the assumptions that those presenting the arguments make about the logical skills of their viewers and whether or not these assumptions are good or bad ones to be making.