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Risky Decisions

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Consider current events and select a risky decision that is necessary. Consider current political, economic, legal, or civic events. Be sure to address the following:

•An overview description of the decision to be made
•The primary decision
•The primary objective
•The uncertain event

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President Obama has to make a very important decision that may involve other world leaders and nations. This decision is a political/geopolitical and military decision that is based upon Iran's continuing commitment to build nuclear weapons. This decision involves helping to ensure stability in the Middle East by convincing Israel that airstrikes by this nation could possibly cause other Arab nations to join against Israel and not offer their support in helping to prevent a nuclear Iran. Therefore, this president must make a very risky primary decision as to whether or not to continue economic sanctions, inspections, and dialogue with Iran, or ...

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An overview of description of the decision to be made is discussed.