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Managing Post-Acquisition Cultural Change

Please the following article: identify methodology, gaps, and key findings.

Ahmad, R., Rashid, M., & Zia-ur-Rehman, M. Managing Post-Acquisition Cultural Change: A case Study of Union Bank Limited (Now Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited).

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Managing Post-Acquisition Cultural Change
The most prevalent cause of failure of mergers & acquisitions failure is organizational cultural change which creates traumatic experience for organizational members. Past literature on managing post M&A cultural change is focused mostly on communication and not solely on cultural differences. The purpose of the study is to explore how to effectively manage cultural change and also how to manage the post acquisition integration phase from threshold to a successful organization. Effective transition of organizational practices in the merged organization is considered success for merger. Companies which are able to manage the differences in cultures are able to minimize differences.
While merger & acquisition is widely discussed in literature the differences between the two are rarely thought of. The argument is that in mergers companies of equal stature combine to form a bigger company while in acquisition the larger company acquires smaller company. Despite differences there are similarities between them and this is the reason why literature mentions them together.
Apart from cultural factors success of mergers and acquisitions depend on a change in state of mind of the people. According to prior ...

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