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    Evaluating methodolgies of Nils Bohlin

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    Read: Successful Post-Merger Integration: Realizing the Synergies - Nils Bohlin

    Please evaluate methodology used.

    See the attached fie.

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    Review of Literature Analysis

    This article is more of a discussion on the authors; understanding of what drives mergers and acquisitions specifically the stages of a merger. These stages include pre-merger planning, merger, and post-merger planning (Bohlin, Daley and Thomson, year, p. 3). Based on the short biographies of the authors at the end of the article, it is understood that their discussion heavily relied on their collective experiences in the merger and acquisition process and the different stages which they have identified. In this regard, there is NO review of published materials about mergers and acquisitions or even the three stages.

    I am guessing here that the article served to state the collective opinions of Bohlin, Daley and Thomson (year) on the "human and cultural aspect of the ...

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