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Computers' effects on preschoolers

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Play appears to serve many functions for children including building knowledge of the world and development of social skills and understanding.

Considering this important activity, how do you think the growing use of computers for both games and educational purposes might affect children's cognitive and social development during the preschool years? Be sure to justify your position and be sure to consider both positive and negative consequences.

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Computers' effects on preschoolers are examined using research to justify.

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As you examine the growing use of computers for both games and educational purposes, I see positive implications for using technology to help kids' cognitively, especially with their emergent literacy skills.

One article for you to examine comes from Macaruso, P., & Rodman, A. (2011). Efficacy of Computer-Assisted Instruction for the Development of Early Literacy Skills in Young Children. Reading Psychology, 32(2), 172-196.

The authors validate how for ...

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