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Teaching with technology inPreschool

Teaching with technology in preschool. This is an argument for the use and suggested activities. Discuss.

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Teaching with technology in preschool has become as important as teaching social skills. Preschool students today see their parents with their iPhones, and lap tops and want to explore this new technology too. More and more preschoolers today spend time at home in front of televisions and computers and have become accustomed to learning via technology.

The average modern child spends nearly 45 hours a week with television, movies, magazines, music, the Internet, cell phones and video games, the study reported. By comparison, children spend 17 hours a week with their parents on average and 30 hours a week in school. (St. George, 2008, Section C07)

We have entered a time when preschool students know as much, if not more about technology than their teachers. It is important for today's preschool teachers to embrace technology and include it in their classroom activities and curriculum.

Goals for students and teachers
It used to be that preschool students had their first exposure to using computers in ...

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The expert examines teaching with technology in Preschool. The arguments for suggested activities are provided.