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SMARTBOARD technology

Describe your experience using a technology tool preferably a tool just starting to be used in schools today. The technology can be any application or digital device that is new to you.
describe what it would be and how you would use it as a teaching product in the classroom.

Include the following:
Description of the technology you used, description of the teaching product you developed, discuss what ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Teaching this meets and how you could use it in the classroom, discuss the benefits of using technology in the teaching profession.

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Most recently I used SMARTBOARD technology in my classroom. This technology was quite new to the world language teachers as we were among the last in my building to receive them. Based on the training received, I developed many interactive lessons for use in my German 1 Class..

The class population was predominantly male and benefited from learning activities that were either kinesthetic in ...

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SMARTBOARD technology is discussed.