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    ESOL appropriateness

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    The purpose for this assignment is to Develop, implement, and evaluate instructional programs in ESOL, based on current trends in research and practice.
    Provide evidence of the following Florida Educator Accomplished Practices: Continuous Improvement ; Diversity ; Human Development and Learning .

    I just need a sample answers to the below questions in referense to observing an ESOL classroom.

    Describe the lesson/workshop session you observed.

    What was the curriculum? Was the curriculum appropriate for the learners? Why or why not? If not, what could the curriculum have been changed to make it appropriate?

    Briefly describe the assessment. Was an appropriate assessment given? Why or why not? If not, describe an assessment that would have been appropriate.

    Describe at least one instructional strategy and how it accommodated the different learnerâ??s abilities.

    Describe the materials, media, and technology used and tell how they did or did not enhance learning.

    What part of the lesson was most successful?

    What part of the lesson needs to be revised?

    In terms of ESOL appropriateness, what is your evaluation of the lesson you observed?

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    Lesson overview:
    Objective: To be able to identify foods commonly ordered in a fast-foo or quick serve restaurant and to place an order based on prefernces.

    Assessment: At the end of the lesson, students will be given a performance assessment. They will be assessed on their ability to correctly place and order from a variety of fast-food options. This would be appropriate because it is a life skill and frequently used in the real world

    Instructional sstrategiesl: Students will be introduced the the conditional verb construction for the infinitive" to like." ...

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    ESOL appropriateness is evaluated.