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Teaching English as a second language learners

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Please help answer the following questions regarding learning and teaching. Provide at least 300 words.

Do you have any anxieties about teaching non-English speaking students? Have you thought about any strategies that you will implement or already do implement if you are already teaching for non-English speaking students in your classroom?

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This posting helps with a problem about learning and teaching. The following problem helps explore ideas for teaching English as a second language to learners. The explanation is given in 315 words.

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I think every new teacher is nervous about teaching their first class, or their first class in a new subject area. I am certified in three fields, with twenty years of teaching experience, and I was still nervous about my first class of English as a second language learners.

Of course, with that much experience, things went very well, but still, the butterflies were there.

Do you have any anxieties about teaching non-English speaking students?

I was ...

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