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Teaching English to Native Learners

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Should English language learning instruction replace a natives language?
Should Ell students be identified as students in need such as special education
What are the advantages and disadvantages teaching students in native language? What do you think would be the ideal program for a Ell student. Need resources.

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A discussion on whether English replace native language in instruction, advantages and disadvantages of leaching native learners in English, and whether ELL students are considered students with special needs.

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Teaching English to Native Speakers

1. Should English language learning instruction replace a native language?
DEFINITELY NO, and this holds true to any non - English speaking nation in the world. In fact there are nations, like Japan, which do not provide for the teaching and learning of English in their school curricula especially during the first levels of the child's formation ( Pre - Elementary, Elementary and even High School). Japan educates their children in their native language/s. In countries (including the US) which opted to include in their school curricula the learning of English, English is always taught as a Second language. It is therefore an expressed policy that learning English is not and was not intended to replace the native language.

2. Should English Learners be considered as students in need of Special
"Special education is the education of students with special needs...Special ...

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