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Teaching Children a Second Language

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Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions:

- Can preschool children be taught a second language? Explain strategies that effectively support students who are learning a second language.

- What are two ways to support the families of children learning a second language?

- One example of a resource you can use to help plan for children learning a second language, with a summary and justification of your choice.

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The expert examines teaching children a second language. The two ways to support the families of children learning a second language is determined.

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Preschool children can be taught a second language under the parameters of the structural tenets of the English alphabet. Pertinent for any preschool program for ELLs is the use of effective instruction in language development wherein teachers instruct preschool ELL learners in alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, and print awareness. These constitute the development of early literacy skills that will contribute significantly to later reading achievement for preschool ELL students.

Three strategies that will assist in helping teachers better instruct preschool ELL learners ...

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