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    How can an ESL teacher help a student learn English?

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    Put yourself in the shoes of a student learning English.

    You have been in the United States for a short time and no one at your school speaks your language. What would you need from the teacher to make input comprehensible? What could the teacher do to scaffold lessons for you? How can the teacher effectively lower the affective filter for you while still creating positive anxiety?

    Please use the following video: "Teaching Foreign Languages: Make Your Students Feel at Ease" as well as the attached textbook chapters.

    Thank you.

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    Based on the first video, you can see how difficult it would be to learn a language like German just based on rote repitition, writing things out, and skipping every fifth word. However, when Krashen adds hand gestures, it becomes just a little bit easier. Did you see how adding a picture adds additionally to the understanding? His statement that we acquire language by understanding messages is a good one. He calls it comprehensible input. Speaking ability merges as the student's comprehension increases. The more concrete the language is, the better the child's understanding. So if he showed the student a ball after saying the word, they might make that association. They begin much the same as children learn to speak their first language. First, they learn one and two word phrases, gradually increasing to whole sentences. When the child starts to speak, it is a direct result of comprehensible input. The ...

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    After watching a video, this has much to do with the stages of language acquisition among children who speak English as a Second Language.