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    Instructional design

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    What is an instructional situation or a learning situation in which poorly conceived knowledge of the instructional context might harm the success of the instruction? What may be done to utilize these context characteristics to correct the instruction and achieve success?

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    A good example of this is a situation where a teacher or professor has a class that contains both native-English speaking students and ESL (English as a second language) students. In schools today (including higher education establishments) there is a real possibility that a teacher will encounter a mixed language class throughout his or her career. With the situation, teachers have students in the classroom who communicate at varying levels of the English language. This may harm the success of the instruction simply because some students will not understand the material that is being presented to them. Teachers may also not be fluent in the student's native language thereby creating ...

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    This solution provides an instructional situation in which poor knowledge of the instructional context will harm the success of the class and explains how to correct the instructional design.