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Strategies to assist students with weak linguistic skills

Please provide some discussion on how I could support a colleague struggling with the following scenario: A colleague has noticed that several of her students (linguistically diverse classroom) are having difficulty with spelling and often reverse the order of certain words or leave words out of sentences. How can she provide high expectations and rigorous academic demands while still supporting the students?

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One resource that this teadcher might utilize is her school's ESOL teacher. This professional is employed, if not at the school level,then at the district or county level, to assist with the instruction of "English as a second language" students in the school, the district or the county. This person's degree is in tailoring instruction to assist struggling learners to acquire English language skills in speaking, reading and writing. The ESOL teacher would prove to be an invaluable resource for this teacher, helping to design lessons to assist target students who are having problems.

Another idea is to design practice worksheets for these students to complete at home, or on their own time, targeting their particular weaknesses. In this way, students get the help and extra practice they need, without using up valuable class time. The contract the ...

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