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Culturally Relevant Methods

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Compile a list of 20 culturally competent strategies for English Language Learners (ELL) Students. At least five of your strategies should be appropriate for infants/toddlers, five strategies should be appropriate for preschool, and five strategies should be appropriate for early elementary age. You may select the level of your choice for the five remaining strategies.

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The first question to answer here is "what is cultural competence?"
(a) Awareness of one's own cultural worldview,
(b) Awareness of one's own attitude towards cultural differences,
(c) Awareness of one's own knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews, and
(d) Awareness of one's own cross-cultural skills.

Of course, individual level of language acquisition will be a factor. Obviously, infants and toddlers are not reading and writing, so non-linguistic representations of words, and communication techniques would be appropriate. However, this is not ...

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Ideas about devising culturally competent strategies for English Language Learners for teachers are proposed.

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