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Cultural Context: Language

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According to Chapter 5 of your text, language is one of the many cultural contexts you will face in your classroom. Reflect on the suggestions listed in Chapter 5 to help you connect with families. Then, listen to the following podcast, Diverse Learners - Diane Torres-Velasquez or view the transcript. Dr. Diane Torres-Velásquez discusses cultural differences among English learners. She offers suggestions on how to make math culturally relevant to students. She addresses the following aspects: vocabulary, building a community of learners, high expectations, rewards, and pride. Choose a content area other than math, such as language arts or science, and complete the following chart in complete sentences in order to best teach your 4-year-old preschool students.

Content Area: __________

Activity/Strategy to make _________ culturally relevant to students.

Aspect Activity/Strategy
Building a Community
Of Learners

High Expectations

Method of sharing this
Information with families

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Content area: Science

Activity/Strategy to make growing plants culturally relevant to students.

Aspect Activity/ Strategy are to have the preschooler's plants seeds and observe them grow and have them care for ...

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