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Approaches to Intercultural Communication & Theories of Motivation

Select a national culture with which you are familiar, other than your own, and discuss which three approaches would most likely succeed. Explain your rationale.

Examine at least two theories of motivation and discuss how these can be applied in multinational settings.

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Approaches to Intercultural Communication (by Martin, J. & Nakayama, T.) :
Identity and intercultural - identifies that identity are both static, dynamic as well as personal and contextual which are expressed through languages. There are many identities that are reflected in various ways in terms of sexuality, age, gender, religion, nationality, and others aspects. Man people have manifested living in more than one culture based on their race, religion or nationality. These identity characteristics oftentimes become the basis for prejudice and stereotyping among races.
Language and intercultural - This pertains about languages and communication styles which can be either high context or low context. They can also be more direct or indirect. This approach also talks about the various positions on the relationship between language and our ...

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