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    Intercultural Communication: Diplomacy (EU)

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    I need assistance in putting together a 1,200-word paper that demonstrates an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly impacted international commerce or foreign policies between countries.

    For discussion:

    How do the two countries differ in their cultural patterns? How does communication play a role in each culture?
    What communication devices were used by both parties in this example?
    How did these devices work or not work in this particular intercultural communication example?
    What key intercultural communication theorist would you enlist to help solve this intercultural communication problem? Summarize the position of your selected theorist and explain how their ideas might apply to the situation.
    What approaches or theories may work to resolve your poor intercultural communication example

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    Dear Student,

    The solution below was created to be concise and comprehensive enough to serve as your guide via example in tackling the outlined socio-cultural issues you presented in your posting. Political science, remember is that particular science that deals with the critical social dynamics of social systems in terms of organization, administration and governance encompassing and bridging social groups forming nations. I have chosen a foreign diplomatic incident is easy enough to access - I hope this concise solution will serve you well. Incidentally, one of the most prominent case studies in foreign policy right now is the US foreign policy on terrorism. This is too broad and important a discussion for a minor case study of 1,200 words so I did not use it as an example, but if you like, I have included resources below that you can use if you wish to study it. The solution is written in APA format.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Intercultural Communication in International Politics: The EU, Turkey and France

    Politics within one cultural group sharing traditions and national or regional identity is easy - the socio-cultural meanings imbedded in communication is easily understood in the way they are intended, and, since discourse happens within members of the social groups - they communicate, talk, discuss in one venue that all members can access (i.e. in pubs, schools, government offices, community meetings, party meetings, televised debates, etc.) - the meaning arrived at, the knowledge or accepted 'truth'/position towards an issue is more or less the general consensus of a group. Take for instance the recent national issue in France involving majority of the French people voting against the joining of Turkey into the European Union - the French, a people sharing a particular national identity and history have spoken, generally, via a very popular opinion poll their varied views as 'Frenchmen and Europeans' why Turkey's acceptance into the European union is not acceptable. Turkey, the nation straddling Europe and Asia is seen as an important economic and political ally by many European nations what with Turkey holding key routes towards Asia and Russia for trade and the all important oil and gas pipelines.

    The Turks were deeply disappointed when they received the news from France. And, with French influence deep among the other G8 member nations and its leadership ...

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    The solution tackles the issue of diplomatic relations as a form of intercultural communication in which policies, identities, nationhood and citizenship take centerstage. The solution looks into the current discussion and negotiations involved in the proposed memebership of Turkey into the European Union. The event is analysed. The solution also contains theories and ideas that are aimed at resolving cultural communication barriers. The solution is written in an essay form following the APA-format., references are included.