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    culturally diverse individuals

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    Need topics relating to the below subject:

    - Ethnic and Cultural Awareness (websites, resources would be helpful)?
    - Using minority identity developmental models, present information on the common struggles, issues, conflict resolution interventions, and communication styles and preferences for individuals in these groups.

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    Cultures differ in their morals, beliefs, values, norms, language, ecology, sociopolitical context, historical context, religion, etc...that all make communication difficult between them. For instance, if people from two different cultures are brought together they may have different morals depending upon what that culture believes and values. Some morals appear to be universal (i.e. common to all cultures), whereas others are culturally dependent. According to Hall (2010), for instance, some cultures value collectivity versus individuality. This has been more common among undeveloped and Asian cultures, but let us not stereotype and say that all people within these societies have values based on these beliefs, as there are individual differences within each culture as well. If two cultures are very different in their values, beliefs, attitudes, morals, etc...this will make communication between them more difficult though.

    Ecology has played a large role in the diversity of cultures. Some cultures are from cold environments and some are from warmer one's, some cultures have ...

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    This posting includes examples of how language is used to perpetuate stereotypes of culturally diverse individuals. References are also provided to further validate the findings.