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    Communication Related to Cultural Differences

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    How might cultural differences affect communication between culturally diverse groups? What are some current examples of how language is used to perpetuate stereotypes of culturally diverse individuals?

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    Culturally differences can affect communication between culturally diverse groups through different meanings that a group assigns to words, perceptions and language. According to Lo Bianco (2010), language is produced socially and serves to clarify all aspects of people' social and personal lives, and identity.For instance, all forms of social interaction are constructed through language. Further, according to Lo Bianco, language is the matter of cultural diversity that allows individuals to interact with one another. Thus, words and culture-specific meanings may prevent the social interaction between even culturally diverse groups. According to Abdel-Monem (2010); dialogue is a kind of communication and way of ...

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    This solution demonstrates how cultural differences may affect communication between culturally diverse groups.