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Effects of Diversity on Health Services

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Diversity often is used in the context of legal requirements as mandated by discrimination and harassment laws, and in the past has referred to "protected classes," such as gender, race, color and religion. In fact, diversity encompasses all of the potential differences that affect how we interpret and behave, differences that are so commonly encountered that we might fail to understand their power. It is important to take a look at how diversity impacts a growing and changing healthcare industry.

Identify three ways the growing diversity of the health care workforce affects the management of a health care organization today. Discuss what management can do to enhance their own and their employees' awareness of the growing diversity of the community served.

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Effects of Diversity on Healthcare Services

Medical organizations have become increasingly culturally diverse, as a result, health care facilities have had to make certain adjustments to accommodate the workforce's cultural diversities. This paper will discuss three specific ways increasing cultural diversity has affected health care managers. Medical organizations rely on groups to accomplish objectives that would be extremely difficult for individuals to accomplish. A group can be classified as two or more people who work together on a regular basis to achieve a common goal. Thus, groups are beneficial for individuals and medical organizations.

In recent years groups have become increasingly culturally diverse within the medical profession. The first way that management has had to accommodate the increase in cultural diversity is learning how to manage diverse and culturally different group members. The second way is how to motivate culturally diverse groups, and a ...

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