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Build an Ethical Organization

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You have just been appointed the director of a new human service organization (a behavioral health clinic, for example). As the director, one of your first tasks is to draft a mission statement and a values statement for your organization. As your organization grows, your stakeholders will provide their input and help shape these statements.


o Description of organization: What services does the organization provide? Who is the clientele? Is it a for-profit or non-profit organization?
o Mission statement: What is organization's mission statement? How will the mission statement support the ethical system? What message does the mission statement send to the community?
o Values statement: What is the organization's values statement? How will these values inspire action and influence behavior? How do these values relate to the organization's mission?

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St. Ann's Hospital serves the residents of community of (your town). We are owned by the St. Joseph's Health Care Society of the Roman Catholic Diocese, and governed by a volunteer board of directors representing the community. Our services are publicly funded (non-profit organization). We are a major teaching and research center affiliated with the University of Western and East Western College and commit to making a difference in people's lives and the future of our community, through integrated health services and internationally recognized programs. St. Ann's has cared for the community in a spirit of ...

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Referring to the scenario and by example, this solution responds to the questions related to the organization's description and the mission and value statements.

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Ethical Framework

Create a framework for an ethical organization of your own design. The ethical framework will include a description of the organization, the organization's mission and values statements, a code of ethics, a description of the organization's culture, the leadership approach, and methods of oversight. You will be introduced to these concepts and terms throughout the course; your readings and activities will help prepare you to design this ethical framework.


2.Description of the Organization: Expand and incorporate feedback from Building an Ethical Organization Part I.

3.Mission Statement: Expand and incorporate feedback from Building an Ethical Organization Part I.

4.Values Statement: Expand and incorporate feedback from Building an Ethical Organization Part I.

5.Code of Ethics: List your organization's code of ethics, with a minimum of ten items. How does the code inspire a tangible outcome from employees? How is it related to the mission and values of the organization?

6.Organizational Culture: What type of culture do you plan to foster and how? How will the culture institutionalize the organization's values?

7.Leadership: What approach to leadership will you take? How will you develop and maintain organizational culture as a leader? What is your moral responsibility as a leader?

8.Oversight: How will you measure your organization's performance in maintaining an ethical standard? What structures or systems will you put in place for oversight?


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