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    Strategic Importance of HR in Ethical Lapses

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    In a managers' meeting, discuss the impact of the well-publicized ethical lapses in recent years by several large companies. Persuade the group about the strategic importance of your role in human resources. You should be a participant in all strategic planning meetings with senior management.

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    The well publicized ethical lapses of companies such as Enron, Worldcom, etc., which shook the corporate world in the recent years have been fairly detrimental to the reputation, corporate image and survival of such billion dollar corporations. Companies involved in such ethical lapses have really bite the dust after such incidents. In today's competitive business world, it is extremely essential for companies to purse their practices as ethically as possible to retain favorable and positive attitude from the consumers and the society. ...

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    The role of HR is of great strategic importance because it paves way for a healthy and efficient working atmosphere in the organization and assists in the successful implementation of key strategic plans. This solution discusses the strategic importance of HR in 328 words.