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    Strategic Human Resource Management - Measurement in HR

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    Please help with answering the problem below.

    a. Evaluate the importance of performance measurement in HR.
    b. Distinguish among concepts of strategic HR deliverables, enablers, and performance drivers.
    c. Clearly demonstrate how these concepts are separate and apart from the traditional "doables" that focus on HR efficiency and activity counts.

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    Human resource management (HRM) is sometimes considered a soft skill because it requires effective management, people skills, and negotiation abilities. However, there are also economic and strategic factors that can be considered hard skills in HRM. Effective HRM requires a strategic focus coupled with people skills to facilitate the achievement of goals. HRM also deals with managing risk and ensuring legal compliance.

    In organizations, it is important to determine both current and future organizational requirements for both core employees and the contingent workforce in terms of their skills/technical abilities, competencies, flexibility, etc. The analysis of strategic HR deliverables, enablers, and ...

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    Measurements in HR are examined The expert distinguish among concepts of strategic HR deliverable, enablers and performance drivers.