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Challenges Faced by Human Resource Management

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01) Explain the challenges faced by human resource management today, including issues such as globalization, impact of information technology and diversity.

(02) What opportunities exist for human resource managers with respect to these challenges?

(03) Describe the various roles of the human resource manager.

(04) In your opinion, what is the most important role HR managers play? Why?

(05) Be specific and provide detailed examples from your own personal work experiences to fully illustrate your points.

I have questions 1, 4 and 5 but need just a little help on the others. Thanks

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Good questions! I also attached a supporting article, some of which this response is drawn.

1. I get questions 1, 4, and 5 but need just a little help on the others. Thanks.

So, you have made a good start, having completed 1, 4 and 5. So, let's look closer at questions (02) and (03) below.

(02). What opportunities exist for human resource managers with respect to these challenges?

This question depends on the challenges that you identified in question 1. However, it does mention three challenges - globalization, impact of information technology and diversity - so let's look at opportunities that might exist with respect to these challenges. How can a manger turn challenges into opportunities?

(a) Opportunities of Globalization

There are some critical questions regarding human resources in a global perspective. How can executives develop a multicultural management group? What role should human resources play in the management of negotiations and international collaboration? How can cross-cultural competencies best be developed?
The process of globalization requires a progressive transformation of thinking about the role and tools of human resource management in the public sector, and one opportunity for the human resource management is to make a contribution to the competitive strategy of a global village, such as including the role of human resource management in negotiation. Therefore, the HR manger must take the opportunity to develop essential global leading skills, such as needed for international negotiations.

Second, to remain successful in this new global age, agencies must commit themselves to transnationalism, providing an opportunity for the organization (including human resource managers) to internalize strategies that are likely to succeed in global competition. Another opportunity is the maintenance of multifaceted organizational cultures.

Third, to survive in the 21st century and global market, HR managers must take the opportunity to adapt a global mindset and transform her or his leadership to be globally competitive. The HR manger must take the opportunity to become a global leader. The HR managers/leaders must take the opportunity to learn to manage such transformations or the organization will inevitably lose their competitive edge.5

Fourth, as a global leader, the HR manager must therefore take the opportunity to:

o Turn threats or stumbling blocks into opportunities;
o To motivate people to excel, not just to survive;
o To accelerate innovations in competitions; and
o To operate globally through cross-cultural problem solving and team building.6

Source: http://www.allbusiness.com/human-resources/315304-1.html, which is attached for convenience and because it is highly relevant and very informative.

(b) Opportunities of Information Technology

Rapid technological changes have transformed the time dimension of competition and opened new opportunities for the HR manager, such as effective team building and rapidly addressing the needs of customers worldwide. For example, speed and quality in addressing the needs of ...

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