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    How to Deal with Cultural Diversity

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    Share experiences you or your acquaintances have had in culturally diverse situations. Define what is meant by the term "cultural diversity." Include relevant anecdotes about how you or your friends/peers have dealt with culturally diverse situations in everyday life. Explain the advantages of working in a culturally diverse situation. Likewise, explain the challenges that are presented by dealing with a culturally diverse situation.

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    The first thing that's important to do is to determine what makes a culturally diverse situation.

    Cultural diversity is made up of numerous factors. These include ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, work experience, age, economic status, gender, spiritual or religious background, social class and educational background.

    I teach daily in culturally diverse situations, and there are a lot of challenges. The first thing I always have to do is to determine what types of cultural divisions exist within the group. It's important to acknowledge the differences in the members of the group and to shape instruction and interaction to take those cultural differences into ...

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    This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of cultural diversity and what elements make up diversity. The solution contains relevant anecdotes about dealing with cultural diversity, as well as a list of the advantages of culturally diverse populations. The solution is just over 450 words of text and contains both definitions and examples.