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Intelligence tests and cultural diversity

In the field of Psychology, what have you learned about cultural diversity with client and therapist relations and also what have you learned about structured intelligence testing?

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Remember first that IQ measures the capacity to reason, not what you have learned. Tests like the SAT are the opposite (which is why studying for them defeats the purpose). The big problem plaguing all intrinsic learning tests is what this actually means. There is no agreement, except that it is multiform. According to Sternberg (2000) and others, the object that is measured by IQ tests, for example, is analytic intelligence, the ability to reason through an issue. This does not measure how much you know, but your capacity to know. Yet other forms of intelligence like creativity cannot be so measured (Gottfredson, 2001).

Horn and Cattell (1966) deal with this issue, which they tend to call "fluid intelligence" and, related but different, "crystallized intelligence." IQ is supposed to measure both. "Fluid" intelligence deals with innate capacities in the most general possible sense, while the "crystallized" concept refers to the capacity to learn specific subjects.

Baez (2004) deals with diversity and education as well as intelligence. Here, he is concerned with the ideology that "diversity" brings along with it. The weakness of cultural ...

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The following posting discusses what you can learn about cultural diversity with client and therapist relations. It also discusses what you learned about structured intelligence testing.