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Two Theories of Intellignece

? Analyze at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles.
? Evaluate the effectiveness of intelligence testing.
? Keep in mind what role culture plays in testing as well.

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Theories Of Intelligence:

One of the theories of intelligence is the cognitive theory. The cognitive psychologists came up with this theory so as to study the mental process that shows one's intelligence level and tried to relate these processes to the psychometric theory. Cognitive theorists tried to find out if the degree to which the scores are poor is due to a person's lack of understanding of the words used during the test or whether it is due to the person's ability to reason which is low. This theory states that there is a simultaneous processing of information in human beings and that it is difficult to distinguish between the parallel and serial information processing models and also to distinguish the human intelligence models (Intelligence, n.d).

Cognitive processes are executed one after the other meaning that human beings process information one at a time so as to come up with the best problem solving strategy. The American psychologists came up with tasks that could be used in the laboratories to study cognition such as memory learning and perception. They argued that ...

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The solution discusses two theories of intelligence related to the content of articles selected.