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    An Integrated Assessment Model

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    Offer an assessment of which two theories would be most compatible, and which two theories would be least compatible in an integrated model. Be sure to explain your selections, and provide evidence to support your decisions.

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    (1) Incompatible theories

    Reality Therapy and Family systems Therapy can be viewed as incompatible. Reality Therapy is predicated upon choices. Psychological problems are the result of resisting control by others, or in the individuals own efforts to control others. Choice is viewed as the only explanation to human nature and the way of achieving satisfying and fulfilling relationships. Family Systems Therapy is based on an interactive approach. Clients are viewed as being connected through a living system. The entire family represents the context by which the individual is assessed. The individual's action is not based on one individual choice, but grows out of a dysfunctional family ...

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    This solution discusses an integrated model in which two theores would be most and least compatible.