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Courseware authoring

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Can courseware-authoring assessment tools provide for formative and summative evaluations of students?

What is the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of courseware-authoring assessment tools in the design and development phase of the ISD System Design Model?

These questions are posed.

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Courseware-authoring assessment tools are examined briefly.

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As an overview, courseware authoring refers to multimedia, computer, and web-based learning materials. These materials can be beneficial because they can provide an effective and efficient way to deliver education at a distance; there are many inexpensive courseware authoring tools that are emerging. However, challenges with using these types of learning tools include the fact that they can require a complex skill set: graphic design, computer programming, and photography. The programs can also be expensive to obtain and implement.
There are many types of authoring products. Two examples include activity creation tools, which produce small and individual interactive activities that can be integrated into a course or lesson, and ...

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