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    E-Learning Authorizing Systems

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    Instructional Technology

    6-8 paragraphs

    In this Discussion Board, define what an eLearning authoring system is, name four on the market today, provide a brief description and the URLs (web addresses) for each of these products.

    In this Discussion Board you are asked to explain the tools used to create e-learning. Do the following:

    1) Define the term "e-learning authoring system"

    2) Name four e-learning authoring systems and give their URLs

    (web addresses)

    3) Briefly describe each system


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    E-learning authoring systems and tools describe how interactive courseware and online discussions can help in supporting the cognitive and social processes by allowing peers to engage in meaningful dialogue together with their tutor. These authoring systems encourage student collaboration. They improve team working skill and promote independent thinking. They also motivate students as they continue to learn more in online teaching-learning environments.

    The online learning community and the World Wide Web offer a wide array of e-learning tools. Educators and developers check and try these tools to determine which tools fit their pedagogical needs before they decide on which tool to incorporate into their e-learning strategy.

    Few examples of e-learning authoring systems or CMS/LMS are applications such as Blackboard, Moodle, CourseLab, Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio, etc. These systems organize the content of the instruction. They offer self-contained ...

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    The solution defines e-Learning authorizing system and four examples are described. References included.