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Victims of Political or Identity Status

Discuss in detail how the context of domestic violence may be preventable from the perspective of the victim or potential victim and how that might be accomplished. You should include multi-disciplinary (i.e., police, courts, and other agencies) perspectives and use summary research data. Use the Library and other relevant websites when conducting your research. (Cite examples)

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Police: The domestic violence incidents are most frustrating calls because of the following reasons:
1. The behavior of the victim; e.g. she goes back to him again.
2. The actions of the perpetrator: e.g. he contacts the victim again;
3. There are bureaucratic norms that have to be followed by the police:
4. The force has given less importance to preventing domestic violence .e.g. Robberies are given more importance;
This can be rectified by:
1. Giving importance to domestic violence in the police force:
2. Allowing flexibility to officers in dealing with cases of domestic violence:

1. Developing contacts of the victims with family, peers and associates at work to develop a system by ...

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