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    Crime Victimization Theories

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    Discuss the various theories of crime victimization. How can some victims be seen as responsible for their own victimization?

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    The various theories of crime victimization explain why certain people become victims of crimes and why others do not. These theories are criticized because they suggest that the victim is blamed partly for the crime.

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    One of the theories is the lifestyle theory. This theory holds that individuals are targeted because of their lifestyle choices. Their lifestyle choices expose them the criminal offenders. Common examples are using drugs, being drunk, interacting with known criminals, and going out at night alone (b).
    Another theory is the deviant place theory. According to this theory greater exposure to hazardous places makes the person more likely to become a ...

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    The solution analyzes multiple theories of crime victimization in detail and discusses how and why victims can be held responsible for victimization. Some of the crime victimization theories reviewed are lifestyle theory and victim precipitation theory.