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    Becoming a Victim

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    Can victimization be prevented?

    Are some victims' catalysts in their attack?

    How, if possible, can individuals prevent victimization.

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    Can victimization be prevented?

    Victimization cannot be prevented but it can be mitigated. A person can prevent themselves from becoming a victim by engaging in actions that lessen the chance they will be victimized. This entails the person reducing their activity that produces an interest from those who would want to commit criminal acts against them. Therefore, if a woman lives in a less than safe neighborhood, the person should not walk alone at night because they could make themselves more susceptible to being victimized. The woman should not walk alone at night but should have a person walk with them or attempt to drive if possible as this will provide a capable guardian for the woman who could provide less of ...

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    The expert determines if victimization can be prevented.